I.      Council Office and Officers

A.     Council Office will consist of one(1) voting member from each league team,
with 5/8 of members present at meetings to form a quorum.
B.     Elected officers: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Officers will be
elected for two-year terms.
C.     President to cast tie breaking vote.

II.      Insurance

A.    All league teams must purchase insurance through the Little Illini Junior
Football League policy.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of team

III.      Dues

A.    Annual league dues are $100 and are payable to the Little Illini Junior
Football League and must be received by the Treasure before July1st.

IV.      Equipment

A.    Each team may use its own football.
B.     All players must use NOCSAE stamped helmets.
C.     All players must use mouthpieces at all time.
D.    Athletic supports and cups are optional.

V.      Schedule

A.    Determined by the number of members at the pre-season meetings.

B.     The first game will be on the third Saturday of August (unless agreed to

C.     Practice and season starts on the last Monday of July (unless agreed to

D.    Rosters for Lightweight and Heavyweight teams MUST be sent to teams all
opposing teams on your schedule and the league President one week prior to the
first game.  Rosters must include player name date of birth, jersey number, grade
and weight, name of head coach and contact information.  Failure to comply
will result in forfeit.

E.     Any player added to a roster after the first game must be registered to the
league President, with all information to be made known to the opposing coach
at the next game.

F.      Birth certificates must be provided to the council on complaint of demand
before next game.

G.    The HOME team must phone in game results to the league president or
website manager each Sunday.  Scores and league standings may be mailed to
each teams contact the following week.  Failure to comply COULD result in: First
violation $10 fine and a $20 fine for each violation thereafter.  Fines are payable
to the League.

H.     Games scheduled on bye weeks, with other league teams, whether
sanctioned by the Little Illini JFL or not, must adhere to the rules of the Little
Illini JFL

VI.      Rules

A.    Grade level and cut-off point

1.      A lightweight team consists of 4th (optional), 5th, and 6th grade players.  
Each league member has the option to allow 3rd graders to play.
2.      If any player turns 13 years of age on or before September 1st, they must
play in the Heavyweight division.  If a player turns 15 years of age on or before
Spetember 1st, the player is ineligible to plsy or practice.  Violation of this rule
warrants forfeiture of all games in question.
3.      Any 7th or 8th grader, regardless of age, must play on the Heavyweight
team.  If this rule is violated, the head coach responsible shall be removed from
position for 1 calender year, along with forfeiture.

B.     Every player must play if dressed for a game, unless for disciplinary actions.  
Any disciplinary action of a dressed player MUST be disclosed with the opposing
team before game time.  Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture.

C.     It is the coaches’ discretion to PLAY 3rd grade players and parents consent
is require.

D.    Officials

1.    THREE IHSA (Patched) officials for Lightweight and Heavyweight games.
(Two for "B" games)
2.     Fees for the all officials are to be paid by the home team.
3.     The chain gang is to be provided by the home team and is to work on the
home side of the field.
4.     If no officials are provided as outlined under Rules sections D-1 and D-2,
then the home team forfeits the game unless agreed upon by both coaches in
writing or decision is made by league officials.
5.     Any rules violation under Rules section D will result in forfeiture.

E.     Game Rules

1.      Unless otherwise stated in Rule sections A through J, follow IHSA Rules
2.      One Lightweight coach may be in the offensive huddle, but must stay back
15 yards off the line of scrimmage and remain silent during play. (B-Game Only -
1 Defensive coach on the field) When running no-huuddle offense and 2 minute
drill, coach must be on the sideline.
3.      Punting.  For the Lightweight teams only, coaches have the option to punt
the ball or move the ball.  If in your own territory, the ball may be moved 25
yards.  If in the opponent’s territory, the ball may be moved ½ the distance to the
goal line.  If a team is punting, there is no play (rush) or release until the ball is
punted. NO FAKES.
4.      Weight Limit.  For the Lightweight teams only, All running backs (including
quarterbacks) and offensive ends or receivers must weight 110 lbs or less. ("B"
teams and 5th grade teams limit is 100lbs.)  PLAYERS MUST WEIGHT IN
must have a strip of tape of a contrasting color on the back of their helmet to
identify their weight limit.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in forfeiture.
5.      The kick off return team must place any player weighting over 110 lbs in
front of the 45-yard line. ("B" teams and 5th grade teams limit is 100lbs.)
6.      Players weighting over 110 lbs can only advance the ball on a kick off, a
fumble, or an interception. ("B" teams and 5th grade teams limit is 100lbs.)
7.      In the event of cancellation of any game due to weather, or a tie due to
weather, the game will be replayed in its entirety.
8.      No headsets or electronic communications equipment of any type is
allowed (by any team).
9.       The "Mercy Rule" is a 32 point differential and will strictly adhere to the
IHSA rules thereafter. (2nd half only)

F.      Length of Quarters

1.      All games are play with 10-minute quarters and a 10-minute halftime.
2.      All Saturday games are to start at 4:00 pm.  The Heavyweight games must
start a maximum of 15 minutes after the completion of the Lightweight game.
3.      Game days and starting times can be changed with the consent of BOTH
competing teams.
4.      Overtime play, in the case of a tie, must strictly adhere to the IHSA rules.

G.    Kicking Extra Points and Field Goals

1.      Kicks should be worth 2 points and runs should be worth one point, also
there should be no rushing the kicker in lightweight games, (PAT must be cleanly
fielded, at any time if the holder's knee leaves the ground the attempt willbe
considered a dead play and the PAT is no good) NO FAKES in LIGHTWEIGHT.
Heavyweight kicks should be play by IHSA rules, except 2 pts wawarded for kicks
and 1 point for runs or pass.

H.    Jersey Numbers

1.      Any player at any position can wear any jersey number.  Duplicate numbers
are acceptable.

I.      Rules Violations and Protests

1.     Any rules violation of the Little Illini JFL rules will be reviewed by the rules
committee before the next league scheduled games. (All decisions will be final)

2.     Protests must be filed with the rules committee no sooner than 24 hours (a
colling off period) after the incident and no later than 72 hours following the
incident. This will give the rules committee time to rule.

VII.      Determining Divisional Champions

A.      Divisional champions will be determined by the outcome of the 6 divisional
games played.  Non-divisional games DO NOT count towards divisional

B.      TIE BREAKER:  In the case of a tie, the following guidelines apply.
1.    2-way tie = head to head competition.
2.     Multiple tie =
a.       Defensive points allowed in games between tied teams only.
b.      Defensive points allowed in all divisional games.
c.       Coin toss.

3.      The Little Illini Junior Football League will WAIVE the following seasons
league fees for each divisional champion for both Lightweight and Heavyweight

VIII.      Team Players

A.    The players on any member team must live in the team’s own: town,
consolidated school district, the high school football co-op district, and private
school and must be enrolled full time.  The only exception being if a player's
own town, consolidated school district, high school football co-op district and
private school DOES NOT offer junior football at all. Violation of this rule will
result in the head responsible shall be removed from position for 1 calender year,
along with forfeiture.

B.     Member teams cannot use players from other towns that offer junior football
regardless of the time of years played.

* Must field both LW and HW teams every year to stay in league.

**B and LW weigh-ins must be done in suitable wear (no nude weigh-ins)